Schoolies Festival

Schoolies Festival 2019 Victor Harbor

Finishing up Year 12 and planning to head to Victor Harbor to celebrate at the Schoolies Festival™ this November?

The BIG4 Port Elliot Holiday Park is a 2019 Endorsed Accommodation Partner and endeavours to run a secure and trouble free environment for Schoolies.  Below is the information required for students wishing to stay at the Park over the Schoolies Festival™ weekend.

We hope you and your friends enjoy a fun and safe weekend away while you celebrate completing your years of schooling.


Please use the form below and ensure you read Encounter Youth’s Term and Conditions before purchasing your ticket.


Schoolies Festival™ November 22-24 2019

The BIG4 Port Elliot Holiday Park endeavours to run a secure and trouble free environment for Schoolies. Below is the information required for students wishing to stay at the Park over the Schoolies Festival™ weekend.


Please use the above application form or visit Encounter Youth.

If you are successful in your application you will receive confirmation on the 15th of February and will need to pay 50% of their accommodation cost by the 28th February to secure your place. Final payments will be due on the 1st October 2019.

FEES & PAYMENTS (ALL pricing INCLUDES a Schoolies Festival™ entry ticket that will gain you access to the entire Schoolies Festival™   for the whole weekend)

A MAXIMUM of 6 people or a MINIMUM of 4 people is permitted. If you have more than 6 people, another Site or Cabin must be booked and another registration form must be completed.

All pricing is based on a 3-night stay arriving Friday, departing Monday and includes a 3-day Schoolies Festival™ Ticket.

Per person costing for the 3 nights, including Schoolies Festival™ Ticket is provided below:


Powered Site (Max 6) – $340.00

Cabins (6 Guests) – $545.00 *must have 6 guests 

Holiday Unit (6 Guests) – $595.00 *must have 6 guests

Pricing is Per person incl. 3-day Schoolies Festival™ ticket

Deposit due (per student): 50%

Refundable Bond: $300 sites / $600 accommodation


A payment of a refundable bond must be made on check-in ($300 sites / $600 accommodation).  This will be held until departure and refunded to the Student Co-ordinator upon satisfactory inspection of accommodation and sites on Monday morning. Bonds will not be refunded without a site/accommodation inspection.

In the event of property damage or excess waste disposal, an amount estimated to be the equivalent for repairs &/or disposal will be deducted. No disputes regarding bond refunds will be entered into.


All students must agree to the Encounter Youth Schoolies Festival™ Terms and Conditions. By proceeding with a reservation, your acceptance of these will be assumed.


The number of people is not negotiable. If unregistered people are found on your Site or in Accommodation, all guests registered to that Site or Accommodation will be evicted from the Park immediately. If you have less than 4 students, a minimum charge equivalent to 4 people will apply.  A maximum of 6 students per site applies.


Bookings cancelled after 28th February will be non-refundable (guest substitution is permitted)

Bookings cancelled prior to the 28th of Feb will be refunded less an admin fee of $50;

Bookings are accepted based on a specific number of guests per site. The number of guests per booking is not able to be altered. Individual cancellations will not be accepted or refunded, however guests may opt to find a replacement for any changes to the guests listed on the booking will need to be sent by the Group Leader via email to and will need to include the name of the guest no longer staying and the full details of the replacement guest, including full name, phone number, Student ID, personal email, date of birth, school and next of kin. Any changes to the guests on the booking must be made by 31st October 2019. NO changes will be accepted after this time.


A Free MAC Schoolies Festival™ Shuttle Bus Service stop is allocated at the BIG4 Port Elliot Holiday Park visitors car park.  The shuttle offers free transport to and from Victor Harbor throughout the 3-days/nights of the Festival.  This service is only available to Registered Schoolies.

MAC Buses to Port Elliot and Victor Harbor depart from the Adelaide Central Bus Station (85 Franklin St, Adelaide) on Friday at 10am or 2pm. There is also a return bus on Monday, leaving the Fleurieu in the morning or afternoon – check the free Schoolies Festival™ App for approximate times. Please note: you need to book the Friday and Monday buses separately!


Arrivals must be between 8.30am – 7.00pm on Friday November 23

All guests must arrive as a group and pay the bond

Any student needing to arrive separate to their Group will require prior approval and only provided that the remainder of the Group has paid the site Cash Bond.  The Student Co-ordinator can arrange this via email to

Each student will be allocated one wristband to be worn for the weekend.  These wristbands identify you as a tenant of the Holiday Park and should be shown to Park security staff upon entry to the Park and when requested.

NO replacement wristbands will be available – please look after them.

A Schoolies Festival™ wrist-band will be issued on check-in.  This provides you with access to the 3-day Schoolies Festival™ site in Victor Harbor.

2019 Student School ID cards MUST be presented on check in.  This is non-negotiable.  No Student ID card = no entry.  We cannot stress this enough.  This is to ensure the safety of all our school students.  We will not accept Drivers Licences, White cards, TAFE cards, Proof of Age of any other forms of ID.

One vehicle per site is permitted.  Parent’s cars are welcome to drop off and pick up.


All Schoolies must be ready for check out from 8am on Monday 25 November.

Site inspections will be held between 8am – 11am.   Where the site or accommodation fails to meet the required standard, bonds will be withheld.  The onus is on the Student Co-ordinator to ensure that the Group have the site inspected prior to departure if they want their bond refunded.  In the event that an inspection is not undertaken then the bond will not be refunded.  Bonds will be refunded on the departure day only.

Students are expected to dispose of all waste and bottles to the bulk recycling bins (not leave on site).  The Park will provide rubbish bags as required.

In the event that damage to the site of accommodation is over and above the value of the bond payment, the Park will invoice the Student Co-ordinator for additional reimbursement to the value of the costs of repairs

Once a Park staff member has completed the inspection, students can then depart.  All students will need to depart the Park by 11am.

Due to the volume of departures over a short time, your patience is appreciated.


Park Staff patrol the Park perimeters and entry around the clock for the duration of the Schoolies Festival™ weekend

NO GLASS is permitted – please use cans and plastic bottles only.  All glass items will be confiscated until departure (cars & bags will be checked).

NO DRUGS of any type are permitted.  SAPOL drug squad conduct undercover, sniffer dog and regular patrols of the Park.  Many have been caught in the past so don’t think you won’t.

The Park is a closed event and accessible only to registered Schoolies

Parents are welcome to accompany Schoolies to set up and collect however are discouraged from visiting and entering the Park during the weekend

Encounter Youth Green Team members will be set up on site and available throughout the event for support, coffee, guidance and information

St Johns have a dedicated first-aid service available within the Park 24-hours a day over the Schoolies Festival™ weekend

No large furniture, ie couches, pools will be permitted in the Park.

Beer bongs are not permitted and will be confiscated.

Only guests registered to stay in Cabin accommodation will be allowed in the allocated Cabin.

Normal Park rules regarding appropriate standards of behaviour apply. Illegal activities and belligerent, disrespectful, aggressive or inappropriate manners will not be tolerated and students behaving in such a way will be removed from the Park.

For safety reasons, the Park Camp Kitchen and Jumping Pillow are closed, however students can use the Park BBQ’s and access microwave ovens and urns at the Green Team marquee.

Travel Restriction Updates

These are incredibly challenging times and it’s with heavy hearts that we won’t be accepting holidaymakers, effective as of 30th of March.  This closure is in compliance with the Local Government’s directive in restricting any non-essential travel.

The park will still accommodate people who already have the Port Elliot Holiday Park registered as their primary place of residence & those staying in caravan parks as interim accommodation where their primary residence is not available.

For any enquiries about upcoming bookings with the park please send through an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. There will be a high volume of enquiries to respond to, so we do appreciate your patience and understanding.   

We are currently taking bookings for guests arriving after the 1st of May 2020. There’s a lot of uncertainty about things at the moment but we’ll be sure to update you with more about the park and reopening when things have settled down.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during everything.